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May 10, 2010

Is It Over opened last Thursday to a buoyant response from the public. Although the space was still rather damp, everyone’s work felt thoroughly physical, bold and highly considered.

The exhibition allowed me to develop a site specific piece of work that dealt with lighting as creative process. Lights Out attempts to simulate a photoreceptive response within an dark confined space devoid of any natural light. Standing directly on top of the bunker I captured the surrounding environment light by photographing a chrome sphere at multiple exposures, compressing them into a single high dynamic range image (HDRI) in Photoshop. Inside the bunker I photographed some of the surrounding walls and floor, documenting the physical space. Then in Maya I began modeling a virtual bunker space using these photographic concrete textures and brought in the HDRI to illuminate the scene, creating organic structures that simulated a growth response from the floor to the ceiling. These ‘shoots’ are surrounded by square shaped leaves that reiterate the shape and physical restrictions of the bunker to natural growth. Ultimately the work succeeded in the process of taking natural light from the outside inside to drive a photoreceptive set of motions.

The title Lights Out refers to the WW2 air raids when the British people were told to turn off electrical lights so as to avoid being seen by overflying aircraft.



April 28, 2010

I’m involved in a group exhibition called Is It Over held in a WW2 bunker behind Cafe Otto in Dalston. It opens next Thursday 6th May and will run for 5 days. The premise of the show is to invite artists to create work responding site specifically to the disused bunker which has laid untouched for 60 years. So far my work has taken 105 hours to render 220 frames (out of 400), I’m just hoping it will finish without error by next Wednesday. I will post a entry explaining the work and its processes shortly.


February 8, 2009

Last December I was lucky enough to document the American billionaire Richard Garriott’s tour of the UK. Richard is a pioneer of computer games programming, creating the first strategy and role playing games as far back as the 1980’s. In October last year he fulfilled his childhood dream of traveling to space with spaceflight Space Adventures. The 30 million dollar trip lasted 11 days where he spent most of his time at the international space station. His trip to the UK involved speaking at the Houses of Parliament, meeting Professor Hawkings at Cambridge and going to the British Space Center in Leicester while me and my small film crew followed him around with a Sony Z1 not missing a moment.


The highlight of this 3 day shoot was indeed meeting Professor Hawkings; the master of the universe himself. Richard was accompanied by his father, a retired astronaut himself while Stephen’s daughter, Lucy was also there. We documented Richard telling his stories of the trip and showing videos which mostly involved him reading Stephen’s books in his shuttle. At the end Lucy asked if we had any books we wanted signing (thumb printed) by the Professor, however we stupidly forgot to buy one on route and missed out on getting the one thumb print of humanity that may hold the key to the universe and beyond.


I was afforded this opportunity through my Uncle’s production company in Austin, Texas called Beef and Pie Productions. They traveled with Richard to Russia to film his preparation and launch into space as well as his return. Here is a teaser for the full documentary being made, hopefully it will be screened in the UK but I’m not sure.