I’ve always had a clear idea about how to present my final piece, however simple it may be it is important to explain my proposed methods.

The animation is being rendered 720 HD and not full 1080 due to the increased render times incurred by such an increase in resolution. The frames are already taking an hour to render, only being made possible by out sourcing to a render farm in Sweden, Rendernet. With my project exploring hyper-realism in computer graphics it would make sense to showcase my work at the highest possible resolution. I could use a full HD iMac but in my opinion computer monitors are far less an engaging medium for the audience than a projector. Unfortunately a High Definition projector is too expensive to hire, therefore I’ve decided to use a standard definition projector hired from the central loans store. I feel that the loss in resolution will be compensated for by the scale and impact of the projection. A pair of headphones plugged into the dvd player will allow the viewer to fully immerse themselves into the short film.

The length of the film is 1:14mins and will loop continuously throughout the exhibition. Because it documents the 24 hours of light in Piccadilly Circus this loop should feel rhythmic and circadian. It will be interesting to see how this loop disrupts the linear disposition of the work, providing the audience with no beginning or end. Considering I only have half of my renders back so far it’s unfortunate I will have much time to examine and reflect on this looping technique before next week.


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