I’ve completed a final edit of the film which can be seen as a playblast below. The film is 1:14mins with each HDRI lasting 4 seconds, sequentially lighting both the dynamic wave and light meter. In the end I decided to overlap each HDRI by a second, allowing me to blend the renders together in post for a seemless change in environmental illumination.

I’ve archived the whole project within Maya, uploading it shortly to Rendernet who are fortunately rendering it for me. With all the high res textures and dynamics caches needed in my scenes this file is exceeding a massive 2.5Gb. If all goes to plan I should have the raw renders back mid next week to edit, comp and sound-lay.

I’m collaborating with Zai Tang who is very kindly creating the sound design ( He was on the MADA course last year where he investigated the relationship between soundscapes and our perception of the urban environment. Although based in Singapore, he has some sound recordings of Piccadilly Circus that will help drive the experiential and immersive quality of the film.


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