The film uses real world lighting data over a single day to show the fluctuating intensity of environmental light in Piccadilly Circus. Twenty-four High Dynamic Range Images are sequentially used to illuminate a perceptually real synthetic environment, simulating the length of day and night; The Photoperiod Effect. Through synthetic manipulation a dynamic wave responds to the changes in Lux (illuminance) values throughout the day as both artificial and natural light fills the space. Photographic exposure values are calculated by a virtual light meter, connecting physical actions with simulated experiences. With photography’s ontological claim to truth, HDRI creates a physically accurate lighting probe that in turn renders a simulacrum of hyper-real imagery. The indexical nature of photographic realism becomes inherently problematic as the analogue and digital become perceptually unified. Site specific environmental illumination is captured and recorded with the intention of simulating a physical response within a virtual space. It is this methodological approach to lighting as a creative process that drives my work.


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