Having completed a rough storyboard for my final piece I’ve started to play around in Maya with different dynamic lighting setups. Because the premise of the work deals with the photobiological effect I am keen to create a lighting rig that could use its intensity to drive the animation of certain objects and simulations. The playblast below shows a point light that when turned on directly affects the turbulence of the particles. When the light is off the particles are static, but when illuminated they move quickly around the scene, the faster they move the longer their trial.

In the Hypergraph of Maya I connected a light source to the multiply/divide node which fed straight into the magnitude value of the turbulence field. For the time being this simply gives me a flexible and effective lighting rig that I can use to affect the dynamic properties of anything in my scene. However this is still faking the photoperiod effect in that the object is merely connected through the intensity value of the light source. To take this a step further I intend to follow up a more physically accurate network possibly using a surface luminance node to calculate the exact amount of light falling on a surface by using this value to drive the motion, scale, texture….etc.


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