Every summer show a group of students at the RCA have the opportunity to redesign the large SHOW text outside the front of their university. This year I was asked by artists Jan Lun Lee, Jebak Park and Carlos Mancebo to help visualize their pitch. They proposed a light installation made up of 5 large balloons floating above the degree show entrance. We discussed the design and technical aspects of the installation during a day on site taking photographs and video of the building from several angles. The intention was to video the site and then composite the 3D installation into the scene in post, however due to time constraints we decided to focus on stills.

The biggest challenge was accurately measuring the physical structures and envisaging them in Maya. I was given the top and side architectural plans of the university building as a starting point, importing them as image planes into Maya and setting the global unit scale to meters. Once the scene had been modeled the correct shading materials were applied accounting for reflective, transparent and illuminating properties, paying particular attention to how these all responded to the surrounding daylight environment.





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