From what I can remember I spoke mainly of my practical achievements and their shortcomings which I think exposed me to many questions in itself to my mention of Baudrillard’s lengthy and sometimes confusing critique of symbols, reality and social relations. As a point of departure I was showing how the contemporary media create perceptions of reality and in turn formulate the exchange value system.

The feedback I got from Playback was that it lent too much to the advertising aesthetic through it’s conventional editing techniques and use of computer graphics. This was intentional. It was an attempt to create links between communication and commodity; how society is driven by the fundamental need to communicate and how this is sold to us. The commodity, while it is functional, provides us with this ability to transfer information between each other. This can be secondary, ie through fashion and status we create a perception of ourselves and communicate through that, but at the same time the technology of communication is sold to us in many different forms. In a sense, Playout investigates the transmission of these simulations while seducing us with the desire to communicate. Practically it achieved my goal of learning the basics of motion tracking and compositing, both in themselves vast areas to be explored further.

What also interested me was how everyone thought both works I showed were of a high technical standard. This exposed some underlying queries I had prior to the crit about the institutionalized aesthetic of fine art and the sub-technincal lo-fi stance it adheres to. If pioneering video artists in the 90’s were using the latest equipment, why then do we adhere to using the same equipment that appears out of date. I won’t pretend that my approach is a process responding to such a standard but instead allows me some fortune when investigating simulacra and reality through computer simulated graphics and High Definition.

Having just started my third term of the first year I am wary that my proposal has become overly concerned with consumerism, exploring the object value system and moving away from my original proposition of simulations and photorealism. I would like my research to move deeper into how Maya is able to emulate reality through it’s use of dynamics and physics, looking closer at how the natural world can be simulated. I think also focusing on my modeling and texturing skills which so far have taken a back seat in my developing practice.

Observations and ideas I found constructive; I should try to be more suggestive, maybe take examples from historical and cultural references as well as embodying contemporary modes of pracitce.


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